Our Story

Miles Minges

John and I met in Columbus, Georgia in the spring of 2003. John was working at Realtree Outdoors and I had just graduated from the University of Alabama. I had been called in to interview with Realtree for a possible internship as a freelance videographer. Shortly after David, Michael, John and myself grabbed lunch and it wasn’t soon after I learned John and I had a lot in common as we both had grown up in N.C. John played football at Methodist College and I had been recruited to play basketball there in the spring of 1998 before eventually turning to the Crimson Tide in 2000. After meeting at Realtree, our friendship has grown which has allowed us to open many doors and opportunities across the outdoor industry. We’ve shared hunting camp together many times and we both share the same passion for the outdoors. Together we co-founded the NC Pirate Classic back in 2016, which has become a nationally branded event across the country. This event allows kids from all over the state of North Carolina to experience the sport of turkey hunting with numerous organizations such as the NWTF, NC DNR, Angels in Camo, as well as a long list of volunteers, landowners and farmers who have helped build the event and make it what it has become today. We have now taken the same concept and created this event to raise funds for the NC Pirate Classic. This will ensure that the Classic will continue to grow and support the mission for our next generation of hunters. We are excited to bring you a true masters experience! The First Annual NC Strut Masters Championship right here in eastern NC

John Tate